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Karuna Land Subdivision Project

We have worked on the Karuna Land Subdivision Project for some time now and given that all discretionary approvals are in place the project itself is now for sale.

After the initial Marin County approval in June, 2017, we engaged the services of engineers and architects in order to create working drawings and all technical specifications required to vest and build the project.

We also went ahead and, working with the water district and a pipeline construction company, installed 65 feet of water main so that we would not have to tear up the newly resurfaced main feeder road, San Francisco Boulevard.

A revised Marin County approval in June, 2019 resolved some lingering issues with regard to the project, one aspect of which is that the County granted a six year vesting period for the project. Another significant change is that the home size can be up to 1,900 ft² (3BR) instead of 1,500 ft² (2BR).

At this point we have submitted the final map and improvement plan to Marin County for their review and approval. The Marin County Community Development Agency has approved their portion of the submittal and now the Marin County Department of Public Works and Surveyor are conducting their review of the technical aspects of the final map and improvement plan. We have obtained improvement plan approvals from all utilities (sewer, water, gas, electricity, phone, and internet).

We expect the final map to be ready for recording within the next few months and that the improvement plan will be approved as drawn/modified by our civil engineer. Our goal is to complete most all required ministerial approvals so that the new owner will be able to move forward with building the project.

We believe that well detailed finished homes will sell in the $1.9M range based on a comparative sales analysis. San Anselmo is a very desirable area in which to live with high quality schools. The homes are located adjacent to and are surrounded by permanently protected open space hillsides.

There would be some additional design costs to address minor architect and structural engineer modifications required to enlarge the house working/structural drawings from 1,500 ft² (2BR) to 1,900 ft² (3BR) should the new owner choose the larger home size.

Completing the improvement plan will result in all building sites rough excavated and ready for foundations. Excavation spoils will be used as fill for the driveway thus balancing cut/fill on-site. Drilling piers for the homes will need to be coordinated with construction of the road as drilled pier spoils will also be used as fill in the road to eliminate the need to off haul excavation spoils.

Costs to build are relative to finished quality levels and different builders can develop homes at varying costs/ft² depending on their experience, abilities, efficiencies and goals. With this project there will be an economy of scale as there are six nearly identical homes to build, finish, and sell.

We are always available to provide more information or to fill in any details that might need clarification.

More information can be found at: karunaland.com.


/s Jerry Draper

Jerry Draper